Peloton is coming to Australia this year

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Peloton, best known for its online spin classes, is coming to Australia. Until now, only users in the UK, US, Canada and Germany have been able to sign up for on-demand workout classes, but Australians will soon be able to log in and start sweating too.

The company is planning to bring its workouts to Australia in the second half of 2021 (there's no exact date just yet), and users won't be able to access the full range of Peloton kit straight away. Aussies will be able to subscribe to Peloton Digital or All Access, and buy the Peloton Bike and more advanced Bike Plus at launch, but won't be able to purchase the Tread and Tread Plus treadmills.

That doesn't mean missing out on treadmill workouts altogether, though. You can still take part in the company's instructor-led running sessions with a regular treadmill – you'll just be missing out on the large touchscreen, sound system, and (in the case of the Tread Plus) the ability to have the speed and elevation of the treadmill changed automatically during the session. 

Prepare to sweat

It'll be possible to buy Peloton hardware online, but (as professional trainer Olivia Neely explains in our guide to buying an exercise bike), it's best to try a bike in person before making such a big investment. Peloton will be opening showrooms in Sydney and Melbourne to begin with, though others may follow.

The Peloton Bike will sell for AU$2,895, and the Bike Plus for AU$3,695, which is a little more expensive than the US and UK prices of $1,895 / £1,750 and $2,495 / £2,295 respectively, but does include sales tax.

To take part in online workouts with either bike, users will also need a Peloton All-Access subscription, which will cost an additional AU$59 per month.

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