UK company markets high-tech snooping vest

WCCTV's 3G Covert Backpack

UK surveillance company WCCTV is set to introduce ‘the ultimate body-work surveillance solution’ in the shape of a new bizarre wearable CCTV jacket.

The 3G Covert Backpack (pictured here) is the ideal tech-wear for professional snoops and keen James Bond or Jason Bourne wannabes alike.

Erosion of civil liberties?

While civil liberties campaigners will no doubt be shocked at the further intrusion of covert CCTV into our daily lives, WCCTV claims that the 3G Covert Backpack is ideal for ‘agents who need evidential quality recording of suspects on the move’.

The backpack houses a video camera and microphone and uses 3G mobile phone technology to send images and sounds to a local Compact Flash writer so that an external supervisor ‘can evaluate the situation in real-time and despatch assistance or advise the agent on possible courses of action.’

Ideal for police (and celebrity stalkers)

The pack also contains a GPS receiver so that ‘agents’ can be tracked, as well as a panic button and a microphone that can be activated during emergency. Or perhaps when the C-list celebrity you are stalking twigs that you have been taking covert video footage of them for the last three hours and punches you squarely in the face.

Techradar spoke with Gregory T’Kint, Marketing Manager at WCCTV earlier today to find out a little more about how we might get hold of one of these high-tech snooping vests.

“We generally sell them to a lot of public services, local authorities, police community service officers fighting anti-social behaviour, rescue services and so on – that is our main target sector,” T’Kint told us.

But what if we wanted to buy one ourselves? Are you going to sell them to the average amateur detective on the street?

“That’s not really the idea. It’s fairly expensive and we want to concentrate on selling to the professional sector,” T’Kint added.

Source: WCCTV

Adam Hartley