Oppo's new cheap fitness tracker is here, to take on the Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Oppo Band
(Image credit: Oppo)

The Oppo Band is the latest cheap fitness tracker made by a phone company, joining a market crowded with the Honor Band 6, Xiaomi Mi Band 6, OnePlus Band, Samsung Galaxy Fit line, Huawei Bands and more.

How does it compete? We'll be able to find out soon, because the Oppo Band is now available to buy in the UK, months after its China launch. It costs £39.99, which is a roughly average price for this kind of gadget.

When we get our hands on the Oppo Band, we'll bring you a full review so you can work out if it's worth your cash, and if it compares well to all those rival trackers. Until we do, here's what you need to know about the fitness band.

Oppo Band features

The Oppo Band looks a lot like a 'standard' fitness tracker - it has a long, thin band connected to a small display. It's only available in black, has 5ATM water resistance, and we don't know the strap material.

The display is 1.1 inches across, with a 126 x 294 pixel resolution, and it's a touchscreen.

According to Oppo, the Band has a 12-day battery life, thanks to its 100mAh battery, and this is something we'll be sure to test out in our review. 

There are twelve fitness modes in the band including Outdoor Run, Outdoor Cycling, Cricket and Swimming, as well as some health features like sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, step counting and Sp02 monitoring.

As well, some lifestyle features are present like notification handling, weather reports and camera controls.

From a broad overview of its feature sheet, the Oppo Band seems like your standard fitness tracker, so it'll live or die by how well it executes its features - whether its activity tracking is accurate, if its battery life is long enough, and whether it's easy to use and pair with a smartphone.

We'll test these things and more in our full review, so stay tuned for that in the coming weeks.

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