Apple gives tips on Vista installation

Apple gives iTunes-savvy users help on upgrading their PCs to Windows Vista

Apple has recommended that iTunes users "wait to upgrade Windows until after the next release of iTunes".

According to Apple, this will be in the "next few weeks". The company's stance might not be surprising, but it's not that iTunes just won't work. Indeed, Apple admits on its website that iTunes 7.0.2 "may work with Windows Vista on many typical PCs". However, there are some issues with iTunes 7.0.2 and Vista, which we've listed below.

The page goes on to give advice to users upgrading their Windows installation to Vista. Apple has also released an interim patch, the iTunes Repair Tool for Vista, to aid the process of upgrading.

Known compatibility issues:

  • iTunes Store purchases may not play when upgrading to Windows Vista from Windows 2000 or XP
  • iPod models with the 'Enable Disk Use' option turned off may be unable to update or restore iPod software, or make changes to iPod settings
  • iPod models configured to Auto Sync and have the "Enable Disk Use" option turned off may need to be ejected and reconnected to re-sync
  • Ejecting an iPod from the Windows System Tray using the 'Safely Remove Hardware' feature may corrupt your iPod. To always safely eject an iPod, choose Eject iPod from the Controls menu within iTunes
  • Cover Flow animation may be slower than expected
  • Contacts and calendars will not sync with iPod

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