OnePlus Z rumor says it could have a more powerful camera than anyone expected

The OnePlus 8 (Image credit: Aakash Jhaveri)

OnePlus is heavily rumored to be returning to cheaper Android phones in the near future with its next release, and the latest leak suggests that whatever the phone is called, the company may include four rear cameras.

The OnePlus Z (a name that's now heavily rumored to be the OnePlus Nord) has previously been leaked with three cameras on the back, but now a solid source has suggested that may be upped to four.

According to Max J, a Twitter leaker who has previously leaked OnePlus information, the phone is set to come with four shooters, though he doesn't specify any exact specs. You can see the tweet for yourself below:

The message isn't particularly clear, and it's a bit of a cryptic tweet. The N at the end of the word "soon" is capped up, which we believe means Max J has information the OnePlus Z will eventually be called OnePlus Nord.

That seems likely now as we've seen lots of information pointing toward that, but we'd be impressed if OnePlus has managed to include a quad-camera on its next cheap phone.

The rumors - including leaked renders - have all suggested it'll have three rear shooters. The OnePlus 8 is part of the company's flagship range, and that just featured a triple camera with the OnePlus 8 Pro being the only phone from the company with four shooters.

Obviously we wouldn't expect such high-end specs on the rear camera of the OnePlus Z though, so that may be how the company has managed to achieve the sheer quantity.

A previous leak had suggested it'd come with triple camera setup featuring a 48MP main camera with additional 16MP and 12MP elements.

We don't know exactly when we'll officially hear about the OnePlus Z, but one leak has suggested it'll be coming on July 10.

James Peckham

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