What to stream this weekend: Clarice, Cecil Hotel and more highlights

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With so many shows and movies to choose from on Australia's major streaming services, it can often be difficult to find the best new stuff to entertain yourself with each end of week. 

In an effort to make things easier, every Friday we'll be highlighting the best new shows and movies to watch on Aussie streaming platforms, covering the likes of Netflix, Disney Plus, Binge, Foxtel Now, Stan and Amazon Prime Video.

Below, you'll find a list of this weekend's highlights, separated by streaming service, with binge-worthy new shows sitting alongside some great big-budget new movie arrivals – and a couple of oddball left-of-field entries, just for some variety.

Thankfully, there's a nice selection of new shows and great movies landing on Australia's streaming services for watching Friday through Sunday. Here are our streaming picks for the weekend of February 12-14, 2021.

Disney Plus

WandaVision (TV series – episode 6 available 12/2/2021)

Following the bombshell reveal at the end of episode 5, we really have no idea what to expect WandaVision's three remaining episodes. That said, there's every chance that what follows may end up dictating the future of the MCU ~ so long as the show's makers aren't pulling a fast one on us.

Amazon Prime Video

Soulmates (TV Series – available 8/2/2021)

From William Bridges, one of the writers of Black Mirror and Stranger Things, comes Soulmates, a six-part series which imagines a future where people can track down their exact soulmates thanks to a revolutionary scientific test.


Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel (TV Series – available now)

Situated in the infamous 'Skid Row' part of Los Angeles, looms the Cecil Hotel – one of the city's most notorious establishments. Locals know it as a creepy building with hundreds of rooms and a propensity for darkness and death. The scene of many untimely deaths, and a sanctuary that's housed serial killers among its guests, it's safe to say that the Cecil Hotel has earned its sketchy reputation. This four-part docu-series examines the devastating disappearance of student Elisa Lam, who was last seen at the nefarious hotel.

News of the World (Movie – available 12/2/2021)

From celebrated filmmaker Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Supremacy, Captain Phillips) comes News of the World, a Netflix Original western starring Tom Hanks. Playing yet another Captain, Hanks takes it upon himself to protect and deliver a young girl (Helena Zengel) to her family years after she was taken by the Kiowa people. To do so, they will have to cross  hundreds of miles of unforgiving wilderness.

Binge / Foxtel Now

Homeland: Season 8 (TV Series – available 11/2/2021)

The eighth and final season of the award-winning series Homeland arrives on Binge this week, bringing an end to the stories of CIA agent Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) and her mentor Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin). Given Carrie's mental state during each prior season, we can't blame her for wrapping things up!


Clarice (TV Series – episode 1 available at 8PM AEST on 12/02/2021)

Picking up one year after the events of The Silence of the Lambs, the new series Clarice sees FBI agent Clarice Starling (Australia's own Rebecca Breeds) return to the field, presumably to track a new serial killer. Don't expect the return of Hannibal Lecter in this series, though – the two characters would not meet again until the events of Hannibal several years later.

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