Nokia 10 release date might be sooner than we expected

Nokia 9 PureView
The Nokia 9 PureView (above) could finally get a successor soon (Image credit: Future)

The Nokia 10 (or the Nokia 9.3 as some sources are calling it) is a phone we have many questions about, with the two big ones being what it will be called and when it will launch. But we have some new information to help with that second question, and depending on how up to date with rumors you are it could either be good or bad news.

You see, according to Twitter leaker @nokia_anew, the Nokia 10 has been delayed until the first half of 2021. They’re positioning this as bad news, and indeed a delay is bad, but recently we’d heard that the phone might be delayed until the second half of 2021, so compared to that this is actually good.

It’s only really a delay if you were expecting the Nokia 10 to land in 2020, and while some reports had said that would happen, with us now just one month from the end of the year and no immediate sign of the phone, it wasn’t looking likely.

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The first half of 2021 could also mean a launch quite soon anyway. The source says they don’t know what month, but many major handsets tend to land in the first few months of a year, so the Nokia 10 might be among them in 2021. So we see this as good news.

Of course, this is just a rumor for now – it’s still possible that the Nokia 10 will land this year, or that it won’t land until the second half of 2021. It’s also worth noting that this wouldn’t be the first time the phone has been delayed, so we can’t rule further delays out either.

But if you’re hoping for a new Nokia flagship then based on this you might not have too much longer to wait – though you should probably scratch it off your Christmas list.

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