Nintendo Switch hidden gem Ninjala has reached an impressive milestone

Ninjala Nintendo Switch
(Image credit: GungHo)

With so many great Nintendo Switch games available, you might have missed out on Ninjala, a free-to-play battle royale game that draws favorable comparisons to Splatoon 2.

Despite receiving little fanfare at launch, it hasn’t stopped the game from amassing six million downloads worldwide, which for an online-only game is pretty impressive – particularly on Nintendo Switch. The game previously reached 5 million downloads in October 2020, but thanks to regular content updates, its player base has continued to grow.

Ninjala has also benefited from some high-profile collaborations. Developer GungHo has teamed up with J-Pop sensation Kyary Pamyu Pamyu for some exclusive outfits and costumes, and with Sega for a Sonic the Hedgehog crossover. Ninjala even has its own anime show on YouTube

To celebrate the game’s sales landmark, players will receive 100 Jala (Ninjala’s in-game currency), which will be distributed via an in-game email as a commemorative gift. If you're new to the game or a regular, don't forget to log in and claim your reward. 

Go ninja, go ninja, go!

Ninjala’s success will have undoubtedly been helped by the fact you don’t need an Nintendo Switch Online membership to play, and it's free-to-play nature means you’ve got nothing to lose if you fancy giving it a go.

So, should Ninjala be the next Nintendo Switch game you download, then? Well, if you’re after a fun, melee-focused combat game that includes sugary-sweet characters and neon-hued visuals, Ninjala could be right up your street. 

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