Nintendo Miiverse returns to the internet with massive fan-made archive

Remember the Miiverse? That Nintendo-made social network that started on the  Wii U in 2012 before migrating to the 3DS in late 2013? Remember all the friends you made, and all the memories you shared with them?

Yeah, we didn't think so, but that didn't stop us from being sad when the service was unceremoniously killed off back in November 2017 (and no, those small pictures you can draw in Splatoon 2 don't count). 

Well sulk no more, because thanks to the work of a web developer known as Drastic Actions (along with the Archive Team) the entire Miiverse is now back online. 

Enter the Archiverse

The 'Archiverse', as it is now known, is an online repository of the network's posts and images. You can browse it by searching for user IDs, game titles, and you can even filter and search by posts based on screenshots and 'Yeahs' (the Miiverse's version of Facebook's 'Likes'). 

A post made by Drastic Actions on Twitter said that in total 17TB of data had been preserved, including 133 million posts, 72 million drawings, 75 million screenshots. 

We can't imagine many people are going to spend much time browsing the legacy network, but it's still important that the internet's content is preserved. 

Jon Porter

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