Next-gen iPad Pro 12.9 with Mini LED screen might be delayed and that's a good thing

Apple iPad Pro 2020
The Apple iPad Pro 2020 (Image credit: Future)

We’ve only just had new iPad Pro 2020 models, but rumors had suggested that another new model would land later this year with some more significant upgrades. Now though, it sounds like we’ll have to wait longer.

In an investor note seen by MacRumors, Jeff Pu (an analyst at GF Securities) claimed that Apple’s iPad Pro overhaul might be delayed until early 2021 due to the “complex panel design”.

The big upgrade on this model is rumored to be the display, which could be moving from LCD to Mini LED – a tech that allows for thinner, lighter screens, with less risk of burn-in than with OLED, and which should be an even bigger upgrade on the LCD used by current iPad Pro models. But if Pu is right then this upgrade is proving hard to implement.

A delay is a good thing

While this news might be disappointing, it actually probably makes sense for Apple to push the launch into 2021.

There was a near 18-month gap between the iPad Pro 11 (2018) and the iPad Pro 2020, yet if Apple were to launch another iPad Pro model this year there would be at most a nine month gap between the current model and that one.

That seems way too soon, and probably wouldn’t impress people who’ve just spent big bucks on the iPad Pro 2020, especially if the upcoming model is a big upgrade as rumored – offering (if rumors are right) new screen tech, a new A14X chipset, and potentially even a new design.

Plus, in the current climate a super-expensive slate probably won’t be many people’s top priority anyway, so waiting until some degree of normalcy returns to launch it would probably be sensible.

Something for everyone

All that said, if you’re really desperate for Apple to launch a new iPad Pro model soon, you might still be in luck, because back in March, Jon Prosser (a leaker with a solid track record) said that Apple would launch a new iPad Pro model towards the end of the year that has 5G support and an A14X chipset, but no other changes.

This sounds like a stopgap to give people a 5G option before the big upgrade Apple’s working on with its Mini LED slate. But it’s also questionable, as were this to launch, followed in by the Mini LED model in early 2021, that would then be three iPad Pro refreshes in relatively quick succession. So we’re not totally convinced that all of these claims are accurate.

All we can say for now is that if you’re not in a massive hurry to upgrade your iPad, it’s probably worth waiting a while to see how this all plays out.

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