New Microsoft Surface Headphones with head tracking could be coming soon

(Image credit: Microsoft)

The Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 could be coming soon – and could be sporting a few new features to make them stand out from the crowd.

Earlier today, 91 Mobiles spotted a listing for a new pair of Surface headphones on a site run by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group and, according to the specs listed, the new Surface Headphones will definitely feature Bluetooth 5.0 and could last up to 20 hours per charge. 

In addition to that, they’ll support Qualcomm’s aptX HD audio codec that enables higher-resolution audio streaming and, weirdly, “IMU sensors for better head detection / tracking”. 

The latter feature is something more and more headphone manufacturers are beginning to include in their high-end models to better simulate the way you’d hear live music.

In a description filed by Microsoft, the company says the headphones will also include “Dial buttons [to] adjust the levels of Noise canellation [sic] to three settings and tap hold of the dial will launch VA without ever taking out your phone”.  VA, in this instance, likely refers to voice assistant and, more specifically, Cortana.

How soon will we see them? 

So just how soon will Microsoft unveil a new pair of Surface Headphones? Well, that’s anyone’s guess. The original Surface Headphones are a few years old and use Bluetooth 4.2 instead of newer standard, so the timing is right for a relaunch. However, technical registrations like these aren't always 100% accurate or timely.

That said, there's something happening in May that could lead to their launch.

While we wouldn’t bet the TechRadar farm on it, so to speak, Microsoft does have its virtual Build developers conference coming up on May 19 during which it could unveil other Surface products (and might finally release the Surface Buds) – that’s as good a time as any for these headphones to make their debut.

We'll keep you posted in case more information leaks ahead of time, but otherwise expect to tune in on May 19 to see what Microsoft has cooked up for 2020 and beyond.

Nick Pino

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