New MacBooks and iPad Pros are said to be coming soon, but not at WWDC 2018

There are new MacBook computers and iPad Pro tablets coming in 2018, according to a new report today. It's just not going to happen at Apple's WWDC 2018 keynote.

Instead, a refreshed MacBook Pro 2018 and 12-inch MacBook with new Intel chips, and a low-cost MacBook Air 2018, will be ready later this year, says Bloomberg.

The same applies to the iPad Pro 2018, which is said to be undergoing an overhaul with Face ID, just like on the iPhone X. It's similarly said to be on track for 'later'.

Multiplayer in AR?

The keynote will instead focus on incremental iOS 12 software (an effort to stamp out iOS 11 problems) and what's being called "ARKit 2.0", suggests Bloomberg. 

The ARKit upgrade sounds fascinating. It's expected to let users play AR games against each other in the same virtual environment. It's shaping up to be the advent of AR multiplayer on devices (iPhones and iPads) readily accessible by the masses.

The report also describes how virtual objects have the power to be dropped into an area and remain there, virtually in place. It's all foreshadowing what's to come from Apple AR glasses, rumored to launch in 2020.

Matt Swider