New JioFiber plans offer up to 15,000GB at 1Gbps

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JioFiber was announced in India back in September after all the hype. The service was limited to a few cities at the start and after a few months, it was expanded to several parts in India. 

Now, with most of the public working from home and consuming a lot of data, JioFiber has announced a new plan which gives additional data benefits for existing users and new users can get double data offer for a limited period of time. Most of the additional data is valid for the annual plan which is optional. The new plans are now updated on the official site

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New JioFiber plans 

The new JioFiber offers provide up to 50% additional data for most plans and add at least 100 GB additional data for each plan that exists. However, the speed and price remain unchanged for all the plans. Also, the extra data is applicable for annual plans.

The basic Bronze plan gives an additional 100GB data which takes it to 350GB/mo with up to 100Mbps speed. The Silver plan users get 800GB FUP limit comparted to the 600GB with up to 100Mbps speed. The Gold plan now comes with 1,750GB data which is 500GB upgrade with up to 250Mbps speed. The Diamond plan gets over 1TB additional data taking the FUP tally to 4,000GB with up to 500Mbps speed.

The Platinum plan subscribers get 7,500GB data limit compared to the 5,000GB limit. The speed here is up to 1Gbps. Lastly, the top of the line and expensive Titanium plan gets an additional 5,000GB data which takes up the FUP limit to whopping 15,000GB with speeds up to 1Gbps. 

JioFiber old plan vs new comparison

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Plan nameOld plan (speeds up to)new plan (speeds up to)Price/month
Bronze250GB @ 100Mbps350GB @ 100MbpsRs 699
Silver600GB @ 100Mbps800GB @ 100MbpsRs 849
Gold1,250GB @ 250Mbps1750GB @ 250MbpsRs 1,299
Diamond2,750GB @ 500Mbps4,000GB @ 500MbpsRs 2,499
Platinum5,000GB @ 1Gbps7,500GB @ 1GbpsRs 3,999
Titanium 10,000GB @ 1Gbps15,000GB @ 1GbpsRs 8,499

Note: additional data is valid for the annual plan only, which is optional.

Additionally, all plans get complimentary Jio services like voice calls, TV video calling, zero-latency gaming, home networking, and device security( up to 5 devices). The Diamond, Platinum, and Titanium plans get VR experience, premium content, and OTT apps. 

Recently, the ISP also made Rs 199 plan available to users as an add-on over their current plans. After racing your respective FUP limit, the speed drops to 1Mbps. This plan can act as a stand-alone and as an add-on. 

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