New Amazon Fire TV Cube enhances your watching experience with Dolby Vision

(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon has announced the new Fire TV Cube, an updated version of its Alexa-enabled hands-free streaming media player, adding Dolby Vision and a few other new features to the mix.

It's twice as powerful as the previous generation, with a new hexa-core processor for a faster user experience. It should be quicker when reacting to voice commands, opening apps and pulling up the content you want to watch.

Another new feature on the Fire TV Cube (2nd Gen) is Local Voice Control, which lets it quickly execute some of the most frequently used voice commands, such as "Alexa, scroll right", "Alexa, go home", "Alexa, select number one", and more. 

Amazon claims reactions to these commands are up to four times faster versus the first generation box.

4K, HDR, Dolby Atmos and Alexa all included

You still get support for 4K Ultra HD playback at 60fps, Dolby Atmos audio, HDR and HDR10+, along with over 50 apps including Netflix, YouTube and Prime Video, plus if you're in the US you can access live TV stations directly from the second-generation Fire TV Cube. 

And of course you can summon Alexa, allowing you to control the device (plus your soundbar, TVs, A/V receiver and cable or satellite box) with your voice - although a physical remote is also included.

Previously the Cube has only been available in the US, but the new Amazon Fire TV Cube will also be available in Canada, the UK and Germany from October 10 and Japan from November 5.

As for the new Fire TV Cube price, it will set you back $119 (£109.99, around AU$175) - the same price as the previous generation.

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