Philippe Starck: Amazon Kindle is 'a bit sad'

The design of the Amazon Kindle is 'almost modern', says French designer Philippe Starcks

French designer Philippe Starck has hit out against Amazon's newly launched Kindle ebook reader, calling it "a bit sad". Starck, known for his stylish, streamlined and organic designs of consumer goods, said the Amazon Kindle was "almost modern".

Speaking at the Le Web 3 social networking conference in Paris, Starck slammed the e-book reader for being too complicated after seeing it being handed one by technology blogger Robert Scoble ( video).

Less is more

"In this type of product, the best design is the least design possible," said Starck, Macworld reported. "That means it should be small, simple and strong, and not distract from the content, which should be the most interesting part."

Starck blamed the designer Robert Brunner for wanting to make his mark on the Amazon Kindle. "The designer wasn't quite humble enough to disappear, so he made a little slope here, a diagonal there," Starck said.

"What is important in this kind of product is what is on the inside. Designers should try to remove as many of the details that surround the core." You can see the full details of Starck's rant at Lunch over IP.

The Amazon Kindle e-book reader, launched last month, allows you to download electronic versions of books and newspapers wirelessly. It costs $399 (£195), with its 90,000 electronic books priced at $8 (£3.92).