MSI mocks Apple’s $999 Pro Display XDR stand with a 5K monitor for almost the same price

Image credit: MSI

When Apple announced an optional stand for its Pro Display XDR at WWDC 2019, the company was met with disbelief and derision when it revealed the price – $999 (around £999 / AU$1,400) – and now MSI has mocked the ridiculous price of the Pro Stand with an advert for its 5K Prestige Monitor.

Using a similar format to Apple’s ‘I’m a Mac’ adverts (MSI must really have it in for the Cupertino company), MSI compares the specifications of the Pro Stand compared to the MSI Prestige.

So, for $999 you get… well, just a stand, with Apple’s Pro Stand. With the MSI Prestige, which will cost $1,299 (around £1,000, AU$1,800), a 5K Nano-IPS display, which is HDR 600 certified and offers 98% DCI-P3 color gamut. It also includes a stand.


Comparing a full monitor to a stand is a bit mean, but we always enjoy a bit of friendly banter between companies. Plus, Apple really is asking for it by releasing a $1,000 monitor stand.

Of course, comparing specs of the MSI Prestige to the actual Pro Display XDR is less flattering to MSI, with Apple’s 6K 32-inch display easily beating MSI’s 34-inch offering. Also, as 9to5Mac points out, while MSI calls the Prestige a 5K monitor, it actually has a 5K2K resolution (5,120 x 2,160), which is a fair bit lower than Apple’s display.

However, the Pro Display XDR price will start at $4,999 (which we expect to be around £4,700 / AU$7,000) – and remember, that doesn’t come with a stand.

With its rivals taking such gleeful pot-shots at its decision to sell the stand separately – and ask so much money for it – it’s clear that the Pro Stand might be a bit of a PR disaster for Apple. We’ve certainly never seen a WWDC audience openly gasp and laugh at a reveal before – but that’s what happened when Apple announced the price of its stand.

Will this make Apple change its mind and either lower the price, or include it with the Pro Display XDR? Probably not. The company won’t want to be seen backing down. However, if there is a sequel to the Pro Display XDR, maybe we’ll see it come with the stand included.

Matt Hanson
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