Motorola One Hyper may fail to get anyone hyped

The Motorola One Vision (Image credit: TechRadar)

We've previously seen a couple of leaks showing an unnamed Motorola handset with a pop-up camera, and now that phone might have a name: the Motorola One Hyper.

That's according to Mishaal Rahman (the editor-in-chief of XDA Developers). He claims that the One Hyper is "likely" the handset that has previously leaked, and adds that it will have a Snapdragon 675 chipset and Android 10.

Those specs aren't surprising – we'd expect many upcoming phones to ship with Android 10, and that chipset is the same as you’ll find in the Motorola One Zoom, marking this out as similarly mid-range. What is surprising though is the name.

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Previous models in the Motorola One range have had names drawn from their camera features, such as the Motorola One Action and Motorola One Vision. But it's not clear what Hyper could be referring to.

It may still be a camera feature of some kind – but all we know about that is that it seemingly has a pop-up selfie camera and a triple-lens rear snapper, and we can’t see what’s 'hyper' about that. If not the camera though it's likely still a reference to some aspect of the phone, unless this is a complete change in naming strategy for the range, which seems unlikely.

For now it remains a mystery, but it likely won't do for long, as Motorola has been releasing models in its One range at a rapid pace, so we doubt we’ll be waiting too much longer for the Motorola One Hyper – or whatever it ends up being called – to emerge.

James Rogerson

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