Moto Edge 30 Pro leak shows a familiar face, but a better Motorola phone is coming

Moto Edge X30 Launch
(Image credit: Motorola)

The last Motorola phone to launch in 2021 was the Moto Edge X30 which debuted in China in December but, at least at the time of writing, it hasn't made its way outside the country.

Rumors suggest it could eventually show up as part of the Motorola Edge 30 range, which we're expecting to show up in mid-2022, but we're not yet sure which member will be a rebranded X30. Lots of rumors suggested the X30 would be the Edge 30 Ultra, but a new leak thinks it's actually the Edge 30 Pro.

This comes from tech website MySmartPrice, which has shared leaked renders and specs for the Edge 30 Pro... these are almost identical to the Edge X30, with the site suggesting the 30 Pro is just a rebranded X30 for global markets.

That means it has the same 6.7-inch FHD+ 144Hz screen, 5,000mAh battery, 68W charging, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, 60MP selfie camera, 50MP+50MP+2MP rear camera combination, and Android 12 software. At the top of this article, you can see promotional material for the phone, shared at the X30 launch.

We don't yet know when the Motorola Edge 30 line will debut, but we hope we won't be waiting too long, or the novelty of the X30 could wear off.

Analysis: an even more exciting Ultra

The word 'Ultra' in a phone name makes it sound exciting, and that's usually for good reason, like in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, which have top specs and flashy extras.

We've heard loads of rumors of a Motorola Edge 30 Ultra, and we thought this was the rebranded X30 - that phone has great specs, but not the 'ultra' luster that the Samsung and Xiaomi have. 

If the X30 is actually the Edge 30 Pro, that's great news, because it suggests an even more impressive phone is coming as part of the family. Perhaps it'll have novelty camera tricks, even faster charging, a top-spec screen, and stylus compatibility (something which has, in fact, been leaked).

We don't know much about this mystery top-end phone, so we could be in for some big surprises when it launches - and with how busy the tech leak scene is, surprises are rare and exciting.

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