Google: NFC tech in Nexus S is 'game changing'

Google Nexus S - with NFC
Google Nexus S - with NFC

Google has described the NXP Near Field Communication technology in its Samsung-built Nexus S as 'game changing'.

Google's Samsung-built Nexus S incorporates NXP's NFC technology, with the semiconductor maker announcing a strategic partnership with the search giant.

NFC is a technology that allows a device to share and access data over short ranges – but at a speed that makes it very useful.

NFC tech is a key part of the Google Nexus S – and the company has described the technology as 'game changing' for the Android platform and the Google Nexus S.

Accelerated innovation

"Android's openness has provided a great platform for accelerated innovations," said Eric Chu, Mobile Platforms Program Manager, Google.

"We are always looking for creative ways to enhance and extend the utilities of mobile devices with new technologies.

"With NXP's contribution, the introduction of NFC in Android provides developers, service providers, and device manufacturers a game-changing opportunity to deliver new services while enabling users to interact with each other and the physical world in ways previously not possible."

Linking physical and virtual

NXP was understandably delighted with forming a strategic partnership, and the company outlined its feelings for the NFC technology.

"Today, NFC offers consumers a high level of convenience, interactivity and security with their mobile devices, and further enhances their smartphone experiences by linking the virtual world of applications with the physical environment," explained NXP.

"Using natural touch gestures NFC devices can easily pair with accessories, interact on a peer-to-peer level to exchange data, and connect to a huge installed base of reader and tag infrastructures. Nexus S will offer consumers immediate access to read NFC tags."

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