ZTE: expect Windows 8-powered V98 tablet in Q1 2013

Get a dose of V98

ZTE showed off its Windows 8 tablet at an Intel event in San Francisco Thursday.

There, TechRadar learned the company is aiming for a release early next year, probably in the first quarter of 2013.

The tablet's screen stretches to 10.1 inches, while the device weighs less than 700 grams and boasts an overall thickness of 8.9 millimeters.

Intel's just-announced the Atom Z2760 processor is powering this small yet mighty slate. It will pack 2GB of Ram and 32GB of storage.

Two cameras - an 8MP on the back and 2MP on the front - both support 1080 HD video at 30fps.

It also comes with LTE, UMTS, or WiFi connectivity options, though no word yet on the price.

W8 on the brain

With Microsoft's OS set to publicly debut Oct. 26, the mobile device world is buzzing with new products to carry the tablet-compatible system.

ZTE, along with Huawei, has faced challenges trying to make entry into the U.S. market, though it's slowly but surely building its presence outside of China.

There, the company is near the top of the tech charts, despite its struggles to make inroads elsewhere.

Perhaps this tablet, powered by a new processor and new operating system, will spell a new chapter for ZTE.

TechRadar is live at Intel's event and will post a hands on review with the new tablet shortly.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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