Vodafone's Tab Speed 6 gives you a 4G tablet on the cheap

Vodafone Tab Speed 6
Vodafone Tab Speed 6

Update: Vodafone has now confirmed to techradar that the pay as you go version of the tablet isn't available online at the moment. You can buy it in store or by phone and Vodafone is looking to introduce the PAYG option online in the future.

Original: If you're looking for a dirt-cheap tablet with reasonably good specs, the Vodafone Tab Speed 6 may be the one for you.

The latest tablet from Vodafone isn't that major an update from the Tab Prime 6, but it is even cheaper – and the specs are nothing to be sniffed at.

This one is a little smaller, with an 8-inch display and 1280 x 800 resolution, and there's a slightly stronger 1.3GHz processor on board paired with 1GB of RAM, all powered by a 4060mAh battery.

Cheap as chips

It comes with 16GB of storage, but that's only 11GB with the Android 5.1 Lollipop software on board. There is microSD support up to 64GB, though. Camera-wise there's a pretty average 5MP camera on the back and a 2MP on the front.

You can buy it outright for £125 with 6GB of data to use in the first month, or deals start at £16 per monthly for a free tablet and 3GB of data. You can buy the Tab Speed 6 from the Vodafone store now.

If you're looking for a cheap tablet and want to be on a different network it may be worth looking at the EE Harrier Tab.

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