RIM now selling all BlackBerry PlayBooks for $299

RIM is desperate to shift the stockpile of PlayBooks gathering dust

RIM has continued its dire bid to offload the BlackBerry Playbook tablet, offering a saving of up to $400 on the retail price of some models.

The company is desperate to shift the lingering inventory which threatens its profit margins and now the official store is offering the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB PlayBooks for just $299.99.

The company initially wanted $699.99 for the 64GB PlayBook model.

At the same price for all three models, you'd have to be one blackberry short of a punnet in order to pick up the 16GB model, which has dropped as low as $199 at some retail outlets.

The sale will run on RIM's online store until February 4th, but we get the feelings it'll be one the start of a fire sale a la the WebOS-running HP TouchPad.

CrackBerry comes through

Spending $299 on a soon-to-be obsolete tablet still may not be all that appealing considering it's essentially a QNX version of the Amazon Kindle Fire.

However, the smart cookies at CrackBerry.com have, this evening, posted a step-by-step guide to loading the Android Market onto the device, so there may still be some value in the device for keen hackers.

The CrackBerry hack brings what RIM promised, but spectacularly failed to deliver to BlackBerry fans; an Android app player.

That failure, various software bugs and the lack of a native email client contributed to the PlayBook's failure.

However, the HP TouchPad fire sale proved that folks are still willing to part with their cash for second rate tablets if the price is right.

Via: Engadget, CrackBerry

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