Panasonic 20-inch 4K tablet announced for Europe

Panasonic 20-inch 4K tablet set to be world's thinnest
Tablet, not table


Panasonic confirmed in its IFA 2013 press conference in Berlin today that it will indeed be releasing its 20-inch 4K tablet in Europe, with the slate's launch date currently set to "soon".

There's no word on how the specs are different from the tablet it showed off at CES, but we will endeavor to bring you a Panasonic 20-inch 4K tablet hands on as soon as we can drag ourselves away from this currywurst stand.


Panasonic has let slip its plans for IFA 2013, announcing that it will definitely have a world's first on its stand.

And what will that world's first be? Well, you should know because we gave the game away in the headline. But if you are still unsure then it will be the world's thinnest 20-inch tablet. Yes, despite the size, a tablet not a table.

In a press announcement, Panasonic revealed that a 4K OLED prototype will be on show as well as 20-inch tablet which is also gunning for the 'world's lightest' accolade as well.

Tablet talk

Panasonic showed off a 20-inch tablet at this year's CES, so it makes sense that it would bring it out once again for IFA.

The tablet that was unveiled under the hot lights of a Vegas convention centre was running Windows 8, with a 1.8GHz Intel i5 3427U vPro processor, Nvidia GeForce graphics, 4GB of memory and a 128GB solid state drive.

According to Panasonic in January, the tablet was seen as a "paper replacer" and was very much pitched at the retail space – essentially pushed as a fancy digital brochure.

The prototype we got our hands on with was hefty, though, weighing in at 2.5kg – but it sounds as though Panasonic has placed its tablet on some sort of slimming regime.

As always TechRadar will be there to reveal all. If you can't wait until September 4, then check out all our IFA news and rumours here.

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