New HTC tablet could fly on to shelves in the next few weeks

Nexus 9
HTC's certainly got tablet skills

Often-accurate tipster @upleaks is claiming that there's a new HTC tablet dubbed the HTC H7 on the way and that it will be launching in quarter two of the year. If so then that means we'll see it sometime before the end of June.

After the impressive Nexus 9 hopes were high that HTC would fully return to the tablet game. Just the thought of a slate-sized HTC One M9 makes our wallets anxious, but while a few rumours have emerged so far there've been no new tablets to accompany them.

Aside from the name and launch date the only other information is that it 'seems' low-end. So it's probably not the metal-clad HTC slate of our dreams.

Sounds fishy

While this information is coming from a fairly reputable source they're not always right and there's not much to go on, which is particularly strange since the tablet is apparently launching imminently, so we'd take it with a pinch of salt.

It's also not clear whether the HTC H7 is the slate's actual name or a codename, though given HTC's usually inspired naming choices we'd guess the former.

Either way there's a good chance the 7 is a clue to the screen size, especially as it's apparently a low-end tablet, so don't be surprised if you see a 7-inch HTC slate in the coming weeks.

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