Leaked pics show Sony Windows 8 tablet: VAIO Duo 11

VAIO Duo 11
New tab on the block?

The tablet news just keeps coming with leaked photos of a new tab by Sony hitting the web Monday.

Styled the VAIO Duo 11, Sony seems to be taking it to the next level with this notebook.

The 11 presumably refers for the screen size while the "duo" refers to its dual capacity as both a tablet and laptop-like device.

Though there are few specifics on the convertible tablet, photos picked up by PocketNow reveal much about the Duo 11.

Sony VAIO Duo 11 with user

A tablet to take them on (Credit: PocketNow)

Photo finish

According to photos, its backlit keyboard looks as though it's attached to the tablet slab, unlike the Microsoft Surface, which will have several touch and type cover options.

There's also a pen pictured in the photos, indicating the tab's going to take stylus direction as well as fingertip manipulation.

Noticeable too is a Surface-esque retractable stand. While the profiles of the two tablets are noticeably similar, we wouldn't be surprised if Sony stepped it up a notch with its new device.

Case in point? One photo shows a full Microsoft Office run, not just Windows RT.

Whether the VAIO Duo 11 Windows 8 tablet pokes its pen out at IFA 2012 this week or later on remains to be seen, but TechRadar will keep you posted.

Via PocketNow

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