iPad mini 2 may face severe shortages into next year

iPad mini 2 may face severe shortages into next year
Take your time

The iPad Air is available from today but right now no one's really sure when we'll see the iPad Mini 2 with Retina make itself available.

But a clue popped up on a product page at Target, which listed the release date as November 21. Apple previously said that the tablet would be available "later in November", so while we wouldn't say the Target list is completely trustworthy, it chimes with the small amount of info we already knew.

That, however, is the more optimistic news right now. We're also hearing that the shrunken iPad is facing some serious production delays, which could stop it being widely available until well past November.

Not looking good for the little guy

According to Cnet, citing an analyst in the know over on Japan's Nikkei, Sharp and LG Display are struggling to meet production demands.

So Apple is apparently tapping up Samsung Display to produce high-resolution 7.9-inch Retina panels, but the report also adds that these will not be available for delivery until well into next year.

This means that we could see the iPad mini 2 in severe shortages when it releases, which in turn could mean it's not made widely available until next year.

Hugh Langley

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