Amazon announces Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite
So white, so bright

Amazon launched a new ereader Thursday, the Kindle Paperwhite, featuring a new illuminated screen for Kindle action in the dark.

The hallmark of this 6 inch, 7.5 ounce, 9.1mm thin device is its display, which Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos said has 25 percent more contrast with 212 pixels per inch and 62 percent more pixels.

Using a patented fiber optic cable flattened out technology, the touch-based screen has eight weeks of battery life.

"[It's] perfect in the bedroom, perfect in direct sunlight," Bezo said during the event.

"People are going to love this device, and they're going to love the light. In fact, they're going to love it so much they're going to leave it on all the time."

Other features

According to Bezos, even the fonts have been optimized for display.

Using built-in front lighting, the Paperwhite is supposedly readable in all lighting conditions and with no eye strain because it sends light under an anti-glare layer towards the display, not up towards the reader.

TechRadar will have a hands on review of the device soon and we'll be sure to let you know how it performs in different lighting conditions.

The Paperwhite also comes with a Time to Read feature, which tracks readers' average reading speed and calculates how long they have until their battery runs out.

Coming in both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi+3G, the Wi-Fi's at $119 while 3G costs $179. Bezos said they can be ordered today and will ship October 1.

Amazon will pay for the 3G connection, the company said in a press release, meaning customers won't pay out-of-pocket for improved connectivity.

That 8-week battery can last no matter how high the lights are turned up, Amazon claimed.

Bezos also introduced a new price for the non-touch Kindle at $69. The newly priced device - with new fonts, crisper text and 15 percent faster page turns - starts shipping today.

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