Minecraft is finally getting a character creator - with over 100 free items

We're finally getting a Minecraft character creator (Image credit: Microsoft)

Minecraft is finally getting a character creator that allows players to customize their avatar.

The new feature, which was shown off by developer Mojang in a recent livestream, allows players to customize various aspects of their character including body type, hairstyle, clothing and eye color. 

Check out the character creator in action below:

Very happy custom(er)

Minecraft's character creator has more than 100 free customization items to choose from, but there's also the option to purchase more lucrative items from the store with real money. 

Mojang also confirmed in the stream that all the items you apply or purchase will transfer to its upcoming AR title Minecraft Earth.

To date, Minecraft players have only been able to apply custom skins to their avatars, which you can still do if you prefer, but there's no denying that this new level of customization is definitely a welcome addition – especially ahead of the Minecraft Earth release. 

Currently Minecraft's character creator is only available in the Minecraft beta on Windows 10, Xbox One and Android devices, but the developer has confirmed that the feature will roll out to Minecraft once the beta is complete. 

If you can't wait that long then check out the official Minecraft website's guide to joining the beta.

Vic Hood
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