Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 could be about to launch with AMD and Intel CPUs

Surface Laptop 3
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Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 4 could be launching very soon, running with both AMD and Intel processors.

This rumor comes from well-known Microsoft leaker WalkingCat, who tweeted about Microsoft already having placeholder support pages for the Surface Laptop 4, one for Intel CPU drivers and firmware, and the other for an AMD-powered portable (these pages are still live at the time of writing).

This would seem to be a clear indication that these will be the two options for your processor when it comes to the next-gen Surface Laptop, as expected – and furthermore WalkingCat believes that these machines will be launched soon – maybe even next week.

Rumors have been flying about the Surface Laptop 4 since late last year, when pics of the purported device were first spotted.

Subsequent leaks suggested that Microsoft could offer options of either AMD or Intel CPUs in both the next-gen Surface Laptop’s larger and smaller incarnations. That would be different to the scheme of things with the Surface Laptop 3, where AMD Ryzen processors are only used in the larger (15-inch) model (the 13.5-inch version has Intel silicon).

Whether this will pan out remains to be seen, but all the evidence certainly points to both AMD and Intel processors being used – it’s just whether they will be confined to certain models, or used across the whole range, which is what rumor peddlers can’t seem to agree on.

Tiger Lake and Ryzen 4000?

The latest theory is that we’ll see Tiger Lake chips on the Intel side of the equation, but disappointingly the AMD chip might be a Ryzen 4000 product (as opposed to the latest Ryzen 5000 mobile CPUs). That said, recently leaked benchmarks indicate that the AMD machine won’t be a slouch…

Other hardware specs are broadly expected to remain the same for the Surface Laptop 4, with the same form-factors (13.5-inch and 15-inch) employed, likely with no particularly noteworthy design changes. As ever, treat all these nuggets from the rumor mill with an appropriate amount of caution.

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