Microsoft Surface Duo 2 could get more drop-proof with new hinge design

Surface Duo
(Image credit: Future)

Microsoft’s Surface Duo 2 could be a more robust device with a redesigned hinge, when (or indeed if) the rumored device eventually arrives.

That’s one possible theory going by a patent for an impact-resistant hinge that could be destined for the purported dual-screen sequel, filed by Microsoft and published on April 8, as spotted by German tech site Windows United.

The patent (for an unspecified foldable) describes “bumpers (e.g., grommets) including an impact resistant member … affixed to the first and/or second portions [screens] near the hinge to absorb any impact between the portion(s) and the hinge.”

In other words, should the dual-screen device be dropped, the idea is that this more robust hinge will better absorb any impact, and be less likely to result in damage to either of the display portions.

As ever, the patent goes into great detail describing different variations in the way that the impact-resistant member might be realized, or connected to the hinge. There’s no guarantee that any of these ideas will ever see the light of day, though, if research and testing doesn’t pan out as Microsoft would like.

Good enough already?

The original Surface Duo hinge is already well-liked, mind you, and we enthused about the solidity and slick feel it gives the device, but still – there are doubtless ways it might be improved, with additional durability seeming like a useful avenue to explore.

The Surface Duo 2 itself remains just a rumor, of course, and might never come out. Although we’ve been hearing a fair bit about it lately, including the possibility of a launch later this year (keep your heap of preferred condiments handy). There’s been some leakage around potential features, such as 5G support and improvements to the camera.

Via Windows Central

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