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Microsoft Surface Duo 2 could arrive earlier than expected

Surface Duo
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Microsoft’s ambitious take on a foldable phone – the Surface Duo got a mixed response. There were many takers for the slim form factors, its build quality, the impressive hinge mechanism but massive bezels, poor camera and a botched software experience etc. were a few cons that made the device fall short of expectations.

Now reports suggest that the second iteration of the Surface Duo is expected to come with improvements all around. While some leaks suggest that the Surface Duo 2 is expected to be 5G ready, a new report hints that the phone could launch earlier than expected.

According to WindowsLatest (opens in new tab), even though the original Surface Duo is less than a year old, if everything goes according to the plan the Surface Duo 2 is could launch by the fall of this year.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 – What to expect? 

Unlike the Samsung Fold series or Huawei’s Mate X line up, the Surface Duo 2 is expected to follow the same split-screen design. Microsoft’s take on this dual-display tech helps it pitch the device as a productivity device.

The company has been actively working on the Surface Duo 2 and it is codenamed “Zeta”. Microsoft has been reportedly on a hiring spree (opens in new tab) to ensure that it comes up with a well-rounded device this time. Multiple job listings that have been spotted recently mention that Microsoft wants to “deliver a mobile user experience.”

It is reported that Microsoft is now actively contributing to Android’s development. These improvements will help Microsoft offer a seamless experience on the next dual-screened device.

Most importantly, previous reports hint that the new Surface Duo 2 will sport a powerful processor, 5G connectivity and improved image processing for a better camera experience.

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Jitendra Soni

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