May 2022 Aussie streaming calendar: the best movies and TV to watch this month

Stranger Things: Season 4 - Volume 1
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With so many movies and TV shows to stream across a variety of Australian streaming services, which includes the likes of NetflixStan, Amazon Prime VideoDisney PlusBinge, Apple TV Plus and more, it can be tough to cut through all the noise to find the best stuff to watch each month.

It's with this in mind that we've cobbled together this May Aussie streaming calendar, which helpfully highlights the best movies and TV shows worth watching this month.

As we move forward in the coming months, we'll expand upon this format to identify a wider selection of films and TV series to stream, and include some of the top new rental releases on services such as iTunes, Google Play and more. 

For now though, here are our top TV show and movie highlights for May 2022, presented in the order of their release. It's certainly a packed month full of great content, which means you shouldn't have any problem finding something new and great to watch.

May 2022 highlights

The Staircase (TV limited series)

Available 5/5/2022 on Binge

A dramatic retelling of the infamous true crime documentary series of the same name, The Staircase follows the 16-year judicial battle of Michael Peterson (played here by Colin Firth), a crime novelist who is accused of killing his wife Kathleen (Toni Collette) when she is found dead at the bottom of a staircase in their home under truly baffling circumstances. The docuseries was an absolute cracker, predating even the likes of Making A Murderer. This version looks pretty good, too, although we're not sure how it will compare to the real thing (which can be watched in its entirety on Netflix).

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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (TV series)

Available 5/5/2022 on Paramount Plus

Trekkers rejoice, because a brand new Star Trek series arrives this month, which takes things back to the years before Captain Kirk boarded the U.S.S. Enterprise. The series is led by familiar faces from Star Trek: Discovery's second season, including Captain Pike (Anson Mount), Science Officer Spock (Ethan Peck) and Number One (Rebecca Romijn).

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Bosch: Legacy (TV series)

Available 6/5/2022 on Amazon Prime Video

If you were bummed about the original Bosch series coming to an end, fear not, because the new spin-off series Bosch: Legacy is for all intents and purposes a continuation. The show sees Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver) return to embark on the next stage in his career. In the US, the show streams on IMDb's ad-supported FreeVee service, which isn't available here. Thankfully, it's business as usual for us Down Under, with Amazon Prime Video bringing Bosch to Aussie fans.

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Senior Year (Movie)

Available 13/5/2022 on Netflix

Australia's own Rebel Wilson stars in this very funny-looking comedy about a high school cheerleader who experiences an accident, only to wake up from a coma after 20 years as if no time has passed at all. Now 37 years old, she decides to head back to school to try and live out her goal of being prom queen.

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Conversations With Friends (TV series)

Available 16/5/2022 on Amazon Prime Video

Based on the best-selling book by Sally Rooney, Conversations With Friends follows Frances (Alison Oliver) and Bobbi (Sasha Lane), two young college students living in Dublin who form an unexpected connection with married couple Melissa (Jemima Kirke) and Nick (Joe Alwyn).

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Angelyne (TV series)

Available 20/5/2022 on Stan

If you've ever been to Los Angeles (or are familiar with its history), you're probably aware of the famous Angelyne billboards posted around Hollywood, showcasing a blonde bombshell who looks like a star but isn't necessarily talented in any traditional sense. In the Stan-exclusive series Angelyne, we get a look at the story behind the billboards and the woman featured on them, played here by Emmy Rossum (Shameless).

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Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers (Movie)

Available 20/5/2022 on Disney Plus

A movie that looks way better than it has any right to be, Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers sees the iconic '90s chipmunk duo return in an all-new feature film that blends live-action and animation in the vein of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? The reason we're optimistic is due to the involvement of The Lonely Island (Hot Rod, MacGruber), who seem to have packed the film with as many jokes and '90s cartoon references as its runtime will allow. It also features the voice talents of John Mulaney (who plays Chip) and Andy Samberg (who plays Dale), which leads us to believe it will deliver some big laughs.

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Love Death + Robots: Volume 3  (TV series) 

Available 20/4/2022 on Netflix

Fans of adult animation and crazy sci-fi will surely be excited about this month's return of Love Death + Robots, with Volume 3 getting a surprise release date announcement in the trailer above. The good news: it's landing sooner than expected! However, it is a little strange that the trailer doesn't seem to show any new footage from the upcoming series. That said, we have faith in creators Tim Miller (Deadpool) and David Fincher (Fight Club).

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Prehistoric Planet (TV docuseries)

Available 23/5/2022 on Apple TV Plus

If you love David Attenborough's Planet Earth documentaries, you're going to love Prehistoric Planet, a five-part docuseries event narrated by Attenborough that uses cutting edge visual effects to show what our world would've been like during the time of the dinosaurs. Prehistoric Planet comes from executive producer Jon Favreau and the producers of Planet Earth, so you know it's going to be good.

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From (TV series)

Available 27/5/2022 on Stan

Don't let its vague title fool you – From is a new mystery thriller from the producers of Lost which takes place in a nightmarish Middle-American town which traps all who enter. Preventing them from leaving is a menacing forest that surrounds the town, as well as some terrifying creatures that come out at sundown. Sounds freaky! From stars Harold Perrineau, Catalina Sandino Moreno and Eion Bailey.

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Obi-Wan Kenobi (TV series)

Available 27/4/2022 on Disney Plus

Hello there! Are you ready for what's sure to be the biggest Star Wars live-action series to date? Get your midi-chlorians in order, because Ewan McGregor is returning to the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi for the first time since the prequel trilogy! Join Obi-Wan as he watches over a young Luke Skywalker from afar and faces off against a new threat.

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Stranger Things 4: Volume 1 (TV series)

Available 27/5/2022 on Netflix

After an agonising wait, the fourth season of Stranger Things is almost upon us! Boasting a per-episode budget that's bigger than Game of Thrones and The Mandalorian combined, it's fair to say that expectations are high for Stranger Things 4, which looks unbelievably epic in its first full trailer (which you can check out above). Split into two halves, Stranger Things: Volume 1 will arrive on Netflix on May 27, with Volume 2 landing on July 1.

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