Marvel fans can't agree over Miles Morales Spider-Man 4 rumor

A demasked Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home
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A new online rumor has suggested that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures may introduce Miles Morales in Spider-Man 4 – and fans can't agree if it's the right move.

Per prominent leaker ViewerAnon, Marvel and Sony are planning to bring a live-action version of the beloved superhero to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). ViewerAnon also claims that Tom Holland's Peter Parker, who will still be reeling from Spider-Man: No Way Home's finale, is in line to act as a mentor to Morales if the rumor proves to be true.

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Surprisingly, ViewerAnon goes on to say we should take its own claim with a giant pinch of salt. Despite this, though, Marvel and Spider-Man fans have taken to the web in their droves to debate Miles' potential MCU arrival.

Fans will remember that a version of Miles Morales may already exist in the MCU. As we saw in 2016's Spider-Man: Homecoming, the wallcrawler "interrogates" Donald Glover's Aaron Davis at one point. In the comics, Davis – who goes on to become a villain known as The Prowler – is Miles's uncle. So there's already a precedent for Miles to appear in the MCU.

It should be said that Marvel fans aren't against Miles debuting in Marvel's live-action universe, either. He's a fan-favorite character from the comics, and is the lead in the fantastic animated flick Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, as well as its upcoming sequel.

And, based on a Spider-Man tweet teased by Jaden Smith (After Earth, The Get Down), some fans think Will Smith's son in talks to star as the Black-Latino superhero.

Still, fans can't agree on whether now is the right time to introduce Miles Morales in the MCU. Reddit user sherm54321 suggested that Holland's Parker/Spider-Man isn't old enough to be anyone's mentor yet. Given that their comment accrued more than 1,000 upvotes on Reddit, and similar opinions were voiced on Twitter, it seems many agree with that sentiment.

Meanwhile, Twitter user ScarletWitchA believes that Holland's Spider-Man should get a solo movie that isn't tied to any other MCU projects as his next outing.

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That's a prospect numerous other fans agreed with. Twitter user 1224Joseph thinks No Way Home's ending is the perfect segue to explore Peter Parker's college years, and allow him to have a "more traditional story". After Far From Home and No Way Home's stacked casts and plot threads, too, Redditor CringeNaeNaeBaby2 opined that Spider-Man 4 should pull back and give Holland's Spider-Man a true solo adventure.

Other fans, though, were more open-minded about the prospect of Miles' arrival.

Redditor Traditional_Dot_1215 suggested that Miles' introduction would be just that – an introduction, with the view to him obtaining his powers and taking over from Holland's Spider-Man in a future movie. Others, including terriblehuman and Thickest_asian, agreed, and posited the possibility of Miles being friends with Peter first, before assuming the Spider-Man mantle in Spider-Man 5 or Spider-Man 6.

Meanwhile, Reddit user Mainmorte proposed a similar scenario to the Spider-Man PlayStation 4 (PS4) game, with Miles introduced as a supporting character before gaining his superhero abilities later on. Miles went on to star in his own PlayStation game a year later.

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Over on Twitter, fans like TomislavNikolov argued that introducing Miles would help Peter to open up again, presumably if he emotionally shuts down due to No Way Home's ending. Deimosbtwlul also floated the idea of Holland's Spider-Man mentoring Miles at some stage, but it wouldn't necessarily have to be in Spider-Man 4.

All of this, of course, depends on whether Marvel and Sony press ahead with another Spider-Man MCU movie. However, given that No Way Home is the sixth highest-grossing film of all time – it's currently made $1.69 billion at the global box office (per Box Office Mojo) – it seems inevitable that the studios will collaborate on another Spidey flick.

According to another prominent Marvel leaker in MyTimeToShineHello, Tom Holland is "making the deal of his life" to sign a new deal with Marvel and Sony, too. That comes after his previous comments alluding to the possibility that he might be hanging up his spandex superhero suit after No Way Home. 

Sony producer Amy Pascal, though, has bullishly declared that a new Spider-Man trilogy would be made, with Holland reprising his role for all three films. Holland has since spoken about his MCU future (via Rotten Tomatoes), revealing that he's open to making Spider-Man movies "again and again and again". 

So we'll have to see what happens, but don't count against Holland's return and Miles' MCU introduction in Spider-Man 4. For now, we do know which movies and TV shows are coming as part of Marvel's Phase 4 slate, with Doctor Strange 2 and Moon Knight leading the studio's 2022 lineup.

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