Marriage on the Metaverse - India's first is scheduled for February 6

An Indian couple is to have their wedding reception in Metaverse
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Move over Zoom weddings, here comes a Metaverse reception. A pair from Tamil Nadu is all set to host their wedding party on the Metaverse - probably the first to do so in India. 

The couple, Dinesh SP and Janaganandini Ramaswamy, is scheduled to get married on February 6 at Sivalingapuram village in Tamil Nadu. Their wedding will be a traditional one, but the reception, scheduled for the same evening, will be Hogwarts-themed and happen on the Metaverse.

The couple, who are Potterheads, has opted for such a reception, not just because it seems to be the fad of the day, but also due to the fact the groom is involved in blockchain mining, which is the basic technology used by Metaverse.

Dinesh, an associate at IIT Madras, and the bride Janaganandhini, a software developer, reportedly met on Instagram. In a sense, from social media to Metaverse is a logical progression for them. From one cloud to another, as it were.

How the wedding reception will pan out?

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Dinesh took to Twitter to announce that it will be India’s first Metaverse marriage in Polygon blockchain.

"We are creating our Metaverse called Tardiverse, developed in @0xPolygon blockchain, so don’t worry, make it happen successfully, first Indian metaverse startup (sic)," he said in another Tweet.

Metaverse combines virtual reality, augmented reality and video to create 3D environments and participants. In chosen lifelike avatars, they can meet and interact with each other. The idea is to create a virtual environment that looks and feels like the real one, at least better than the depth-less video streaming on Zoom or Google Meet.

The plan for the reception is quite simple. The couple logs into a link that takes them into a virtual location resembling Harry Potter's Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Their avatars will around to greet friends and family log in from different locations. An avatar of the bride’s late father will preside over the virtual wedding.  

The guests will have the option of choosing, through a link, the avatars they arrive on on the Metaverse. Apparently, the choices available are Indian clothes and Western outfits. It all seems like our realities are being changed into a Matrix-like dystopia.

Anyway, keeping the spirit of the occasion, guests can give gift the couple as well, albeit through the Metaverse. Which means gift vouchers or currency changing hands via Google Pay. Cryptocurrencies are welcome, but subject to legal clearances.

And what about food, a prerequisite for the big fat Indian weddings? We believe, the local food supply app or the attendee's kitchen needs to suffice. 

Metaverse gives us visual treats but the stomach may just rumble away! 

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