Make Cyberpunk 2077 sound better with this audio balancing mod

Cyberpunk 2077
(Image credit: CD Projekt Red)

Though there's a good game hidden away in there, Cyberpunk 2077 is ridden with bugs. But, thanks to the belated efforts of developers CD Projekt Red, plus the modding community, it's slowly morphing into what it should have been all along.

Today's fix? Audio. If you've struggled with the volume sliders in the game, trying to find a balance between the wildly varying volume levels of different elements of the game's audio mix, this mod's the one for you.

Modder Floyd2099 has offered up a fix that should make everything in the game sound a little more natural, volume-wise, tweaking 800 audio files in the process.

Big audio dynamite

Brace yourself, though – the mod is a hefty one. Fixing up all those audio files works out at a whopping 11GB download, though thankfully it's available in 12 parts on Nexus Mods, letting you grab it chunk by chunk, and also as a Google Drive mirror. No doubt a blessing for those who use a free account with capped download speeds on the popular mod database.

Though it won't replace missing audio files, the mod should work well especially in combat situations – we missed everything that Jackie said in that first main-quest shoot out initially, as the game's combat music drowned out everything else. We're also hoping it ramps up the ambient sounds at street level, which can sound pretty empty at points given the raging metropolis Night City is supposed to be.

Also, following a security hiccup, it's worth noting that it's now safe to download and install Cyberpunk 2077 mods again – a hotfix has been issued that patches out a potential exploit flaw.

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