LG's 2022 TV lineup includes a AU$5,000 TV on a AU$12,000 stand

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It's already May, which means it's time for LG to unveil its 2022 Australian TV lineup once again. This year, LG is bringing a total of 42 new television models to Australia, including notable updates to its OLED, QNED, NanoCell and regular 4K Ultra HD ranges.

If there's one message that LG's local outfit wanted to get across during today's launch event, it's that its 2022 lineup of tellies is "bigger, better and brighter" than last year's models. Having seen many of the TVs in its new lineup, it seems as though the South Korean electronics giant is delivering on that promise.

With regards to LG's "bigger" claim, the manufacturer now offers its largest OLED TV to date with the 97-inch LG G2 OLED, which is a significant accomplishment given how difficult it is to manufacture OLED panels at larger sizes. 

Meanwhile, on the opposite end of the spectrum, LG also announced its smallest OLED television to date with the new 42-inch LG C2 OLED, which seems like a great option for desktop gamers.

2022 is looking brighter for LG

As for LG's "brighter" claim, OLED fans will be happy to know that LG's OLED EVO displays have received a significant uptick in brightness, with the G2 OLED now promising to be 30% brighter than its predecessor, and the C2 OLED offering a 20% increase in brightness over last year's iteration.

Of course, the star of LG's OLED lineup has to be its OLED Z2 models, which offer support for 8K resolutions on top of everything else that LG is bringing to the table. That said, they're ludicrously expensive, priced at AU$59,999 for the 88-inch model and AU$$23,999 for the 77-inch version.

Speaking of expensive, LG has added the new Art90 OLED TV to its lifestyle range, which costs an eye-watering AU$17,999. Designed by the Danish textile maker Kvadrat, it boasts a fabric screen cover that can be raised and lowered at the touch of a button. Like LG's rollable OLED TV before it, the cover can be partially lowered to display a special 'Line View' which gives you information like the time and weather at a glance.

In terms of the TV's tech, the 65-inch LG Art90 OLED offers the same OLED Evo panel as the C2 OLED TV, only with a fancier mechanical stand that can be mounted or leaned against a wall like one of those leaning artworks you're always hearing about. That means you're essentially getting a AU$5,399 telly with a AU$12,600 stand because... art. Hey, if that's what you're into, all power to you.

Additionally, LG revealed a new range of QNED (Mini-LED), NanoCell and regular 4K UHD TVs that will also be coming to Australia this year. You can check out every pricing and availability information for every model below.

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TypeModelPriceIn-store date
Row 1 - Cell 0 OLED77Z2PSA.AAU AU$23,999May
Row 4 - Cell 0 OLED83G2PSA.AAUAU$15,599May
Row 5 - Cell 0 OLED77G2PSA.AAUAU$11,399May
Row 6 - Cell 0 OLED65G2PSA.AAUAU$6,359May
Row 7 - Cell 0 OLED55G2PSA.AAUAU$4,799May
Row 9 - Cell 0 OLED77C2PSC.AAUAU$9,599May
Row 10 - Cell 0 OLED65C2PSC.AAUAU$5,399May
Row 11 - Cell 0 OLED55C2PSC.AAUAU$4,079May
Row 12 - Cell 0 OLED48C2PSA.AAUAU$3,599May
Row 13 - Cell 0 OLED42C2PSA.AAUAU$$3,239May
Row 15 - Cell 0 OLED55A2PSA.AAUAU$3,719May
QNED99 8K86QNED99SQB.AAUAU$10,799June
Row 17 - Cell 0 75QNED99SQB.AAUAU$7,799June
Row 18 - Cell 0 65QNED99SQB.AAUAU$5,759June
Row 20 - Cell 0 75QNED91SQA.AAUAU$5,999June
Row 21 - Cell 0 65QNED91SQA.AAUAU$4,679June
Row 23 - Cell 0 75QNED85SQA.AAUAU$5,159May
Row 24 - Cell 0 65QNED85SQA.AAUAU$3,959May
Row 25 - Cell 0 55QNED85SQA.AAUAU$2,999May
Row 27 - Cell 0 75QNED80SQA.AAUAU$4,199May
Row 28 - Cell 0 65QNED80SQA.AAUAU$2,999May
Row 29 - Cell 0 55QNED80SQA.AAUAU$2,399May
Row 31 - Cell 0 75NANO75SQA.AAUAU$2,999May
Row 32 - Cell 0 65NANO75SQA.AAUAU$2,279May
Row 33 - Cell 0 55NANO75SQA.AAUAU$1,799May
Row 34 - Cell 0 50NANO75SQA.AAUAU$1,439May
Row 35 - Cell 0 43NANO75SQA.AAUAU$1,259May
4K UHD86UQ9000PSD.AAUAU$4,019May
Row 37 - Cell 0 75UQ9000PSD.AAUAU$2,434May
Row 38 - Cell 0 65UQ9000PSD.AAUAU$1,787May
Row 39 - Cell 0 55UQ9000PSD.AAUAU$1,459May
Row 40 - Cell 0 50UQ9000PSD.AAUAU$1,199May
Row 41 - Cell 0 43UQ9000PSD.AAUAU$1,079May
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