LG unveils the weirdest OLED and LED-LCD TVs you'll see all year

LG Objet TV leaning up against a wall.
(Image credit: LG)

LG is kicking off CES 2022 a little early by announcing two new series of lifestyle TVs aimed at blending form and function. Well… sort of. 

First up is a beautiful OLED TV - called the Objet TV - that uses LG’s brighter OLED evo panels and sits at a 5-degree angle on your wall that gives it an art house appearance, apparently. 

When it’s not fully uncovered, there’s a fabric screen that can cover the TV and be lowered incrementally to unveil small segments of the TV at a time.

Why would you want to only watch one half of the screen? Like LG’s R-Series Rollable TV shown off at CES a few years ago, LG says you’ll be able to play music without needing the whole screen visible or just have a small line available to keep track of the date and time.

It’s launching in Korea only for around 9.9 million won (around £6000 / $8000 / AU$11,800), and, amazingly, it’s only the second strangest TV LG announced today. 

LG’s weirdest design? The StanbyME is a TV on a pole 

LG StanbyME in a bedroom

(Image credit: LG)

Look, a TV on a pole doesn’t sound weird - but the more you think about it, the stranger it becomes. 

Designed for use by anyone in any room of the house, the LG StanbyME has a built-in battery attached to a moveable stand with concealed wheels that allows for three hours of viewing before recharging. 

The StanbyME’s 27-inch display can be tilted, rotated, raised or lowered to ensure “optimal comfort when lying in bed, cooking in the kitchen or lounging on the living room sofa”. 

The rest of the time, it will serve as a perfect object to trip over on your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night, or as a perfectly breakable electronic device for toddlers and young kids who don’t see the artistic value in it.

There’s no word yet on price or availability of the StanbyME, but we’re expecting to see it on the show floor - potentially knocked over by an attendee - at CES 2022.

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