LG demonstrates its progress in 6G technology at a Korean exhibition

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This post is about 6G, yes! 6G, not the most-fabled 5G that is still waiting for its wider rollout in many countries, including India. 

The world is yet to witness all those use cases that were exemplified during the adoption of the next-gen communication protocol 5G. Countries like India have only read about 5G on paper. Indeed, there have been some agile contributors that actively came forward to push 5G in evolving countries by launching their 5G-ready devices, but more or less their efforts have gone in vain. 

This is because there are so many hindrances like spectrum auctions and other underlying factors that have slowed down the pace of the 5G rollout. But the condition is expected to become better around April 2022 when the auction finally starts to take place in India

Well, the slow adoption of new tech in a few countries can’t stop companies from advancing and pushing their new inventions to the fast movers. Developers and researchers are always on the lookout for new technologies that could “make this world a better place.” 

In the same way, LG is proud to announce that it is already working on 6G and has even been able to achieve a whopping 1Tbps transmission rate. LG is currently sharing its progress in 6G at the ongoing 2021 Korea Science and Technology Exhibition. As per the initial details that have surfaced, the Korean giant is unveiling a power amplifier for 6G, which is jointly developed by Germany's Fraunhofer Research and Institute. 

This is pretty high speed compared to the current 5G claims. But one should note that, unlike the real-life scenarios, these trials happen in a very controlled environment. So, the actual speeds when LG will deploy 6G in real-life could differ. Nevertheless, even a few Gbps drops wouldn’t make a difference, because it is already an insanely high number. 

However, this isn’t LG’s first-ever affair with 6G technology. Back in August, the company unveiled this power amplifier to demonstrate 6G data transmission using the THz frequency band over 100 meters in an outdoor setting in Berlin. This was pretty crucial as 6G THz has short-range and experiences power loss during transmission and reception between antennas. This is where the power amplifier came into play as it was able to generate a stable signal.

At the event in Korea, LG Electronics and Keysight Technologis Inc., a global wireless communication test and measurement equipment manufacturer, also demonstrated ‘Adaptive beamforming’ technology that converts beam directions according to channel changes and receiver positions.

LG expects 6G communication to be commercialized in 2029, with talks for standardization beginning in 2025. "6G will be a key component of Ambient Internet of Everything, the emerging technology that aims to improve living and business environments by making them more sensitive, adaptive, autonomous and personalized to consumers’ needs by recognizing human presence and preferences," LG said.

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