Latest Xbox Series X price rumor is on the hefty side

(Image credit: Microsoft)

The latest Xbox Series X price rumor puts the console's cost at $599 – on the high end of expectations. 

This comes via the Kinda Funny Podcast, where contributor Alanah Pearce revealed that a retail source sent her a DM of their work screen showing the price of the Xbox Series X as $599, along with the recently confirmed November release date. You can check out Pearce relaying the source's info yourself in the video here – you'll find the relevant section just after the 41-minute mark.

As Pearce herself notes in the video, however, the pricing on the retail worker's screen could well be a placeholder. The $599 price was apparently listed in this unnamed retailer's system. 

For reference, the price of the Xbox One was $499 when it launched in 2013, as was the Xbox One X in 2016. With prices dropping over the course of these consoles' lifespan, we're expecting the price of the Xbox Series X to land somewhere between $499 and $599. 

It's probably about time the console manufacturers started revealing this information, to stop the spread of rumors. 

What next?

While we were hoping pricing confirmations for the PS5 and Xbox Series X were coming this month, it looks like the process will be dragged out for as long as possible. The release dates for both consoles are yet to be revealed, too. 

Roll on September. 

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