Latest Google Pixel 7a leak reveals photos and specs for the mid-ranger

Two Google Pixel 6a phones on a table
The Google Pixel 6a, launched in May 2022 (Image credit: Future)

Before the Google Pixel 8 arrives later in the year, we should be seeing the Google Pixel 7a – and the latest leak around the mid-ranger has given us a couple of real world photos of the handset as well as details on some specs.

This all comes from Debayan Roy on Twitter (via GSMArena), not the most prolific of tipsters but someone who has leaked accurate smartphone information in the past (so adjust your credulity dial accordingly).

The photos show off the expected Google Pixel 7a look, with a cut-out for the selfie camera at the top of the display and the now-familiar Pixel camera bar around the back. In short, it looks like you would expect the Google Pixel 7a to look.

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Specs listing

As for those specs, Roy lists a 6.1-inch FHD+ (1080 x 2400 pixel) 90 Hz OLED screen, so on a par with the Google Pixel 6a, except for that bump up to 90 Hz. That should ensure scrolling and animations that are a little smoother than before.

There's apparently a Tensor G2 processor running everything, as expected, while the rear camera is said to be a dual-lens 64MP+12MP affair. There's also a mention of 5W wireless charging – not very fast, but a first for the mid-range Pixel line.

What we don't get here is any mention of a launch date, but last year the Pixel 6a was unveiled at Google IO 2022. This year's developer conference has now been set for May 10, so it seems reasonable to assume we might see the Pixel 7a then.

Analysis: another important Pixel phone

It seems that the Pixel hardware range is gathering a little bit of momentum, with reports suggesting that both the Pixel 7 and the Pixel Watch are selling in record numbers – that's records for the Pixel line though, not for phones and smartwatches in general.

While the numbers quoted won't be worrying Apple and Samsung too much, they do show that Google is finally getting some kind of foothold in the market. It's been a long time coming, if you remember that the Nexus One made its debut in 2010.

Into this slightly-more-promising state of affairs comes the Google Pixel 7a, and it will of course be important that the momentum is kept up. We've always liked the 'a' series models, offering a good balance of performance, features and price.

At the same time there's always a danger that it could hurt sales of the Pixel 7 (which it will share the same processor with) or the Pixel 8. We'll be watching carefully to see what exactly the Pixel 7a does and doesn't offer this year.

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