Is Deadpool in Doctor Strange 2? Ryan Reynolds weighs in

Deadpool gasps at the camera in 2018's Deadpool movie
Is Deadpool going to appear in Doctor Strange 2? (Image credit: Fox Studios)

Ryan Reynolds hasn't ruled out the possibility of Deadpool making a cameo appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Following the release of Doctor Strange 2's official poster last Sunday (February 13), some Marvel fans claimed that the beloved anti-hero could be seen (thanks to Culture Crave for the zoom-in on the poster) in the newly unveiled one-sheet. 

The next Marvel movie is set to explore the Marvel multiverse and contains characters from other Marvel comic book movie universes, including Patrick Stewart's Professor X from Fox's defunct X-Men universe. Based on these three related points of interest, it's unsurprising why Marvel fans think that Deadpool will feature in some capacity. 

Speaking to Variety (skip to the 5:00 mark in the article's video), Reynolds initially joked about the fan theories surrounding Deadpool's appearance in Doctor Strange 2, before he seemingly implied that the fan favorite character could show up.

"Yeah, I guess I'm not really supposed to say anything about that," Reynolds said. "But I'm really not in the movie."

After a few seconds of awkward silence – and a sheepish grin on Reynolds' part – Variety's Marc Malkin suggested that the actor had actually hinted at a Doctor Strange 2 cameo, before Reynolds humorously replied: "I could be an unreliable narrator, but I promise I'm not lying. We're good! There's a team of people that will neutralize you as soon as you leave."

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Predictably, Reynolds' evasive answer has whipped Marvel fans into a frenzy, with many offering their two cents on whether Reynolds is telling the truth or not.

Twitter user mommas_baby123 wrote "Thanks to the No Way Home press tour and Andrew Garfield, I can't believe a single word Ryan Reynolds says here", while xLittleLlama claims that the wording of Reynolds' responses all-but-confirms he's in Doctor Strange 2.

Over on Reddit, fans agreed with those sentiments. Some, such as ChandlerDoesOkay, started referring to him as 'Andrew Reynolds' – an amusing merging of Reynolds and Garfield's names – while Odiin1731 implied that this is all the confirmation we need about Deadpool's appearance in the Marvel Phase 4 movie.

Others, though, aren't as convinced. Redditor Breakingerr believes that Reynolds' answer is simply a parody of Garfield's No Way Home responses. Meanwhile, Twitter users TeamKiller86 and IIDrxpzy boldly stated that fans are simply setting themselves up for disappointment when the movie is released.

So what do we think? Based on the unrelenting speculation that surrounding No Way Home's cameo appearances, and given Reynolds' penchant for joking and teasing his way through previous interviews, we're initially inclined to believe that Deadpool will turn up in Doctor Strange 2. 

We know that a third Deadpool movie is on the way and that it'll be part of the MCU. What better way to bring the fourth dimension-breaking, quippy anti-hero into the Marvel Studios family, then, than with a cameo appearance in a multiverse-centric movie? Or, if Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is packed with enough characters as it is, have Deadpool feature in one of its post-credits scenes that sets up Deadpool's next superhero flick?

Regardless of whether Reynolds is lying or not, we don't have much longer to wait to find out for sure. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness arrives in theaters on May 6.

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