Is 50GB of data enough for your next SIM only deal?

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The amount of choice available to you in the SIM only market has shot up drastically over the past few years, with both the well-known and lesser-known brands vying for your attention.

But amongst all of this choice, a lot of SIM only deals see a big jump up in price to accommodate for a huge data plan, often offering you 100GB+ if you don't mind a boost in your bills.

But is that much data really necessary? While it will be for some, especially those without internet at home or who are constantly on the move, for most people 50GB will be plenty.

How much is 50GB of data?

It's hard to picture how much data this actually is, and while you might have an idea based on a previous SIM plan you had, it's easier to simply look at what exactly you can do with 50GB.

That much data will allow you to stream songs on Spotify for roughly 25 days straight, have a 12 day Zoom call or watch all of the Lord of The Rings films...almost 10 times over.

In other words, if you're not hot-spotting off your phone as your primary internet connection, or watching films all day in UHD, 50GB is going to be plenty for most people's needs. 

SIM only deals: Smarty's 50GB plan fits the criteria

So 50GB is likely going to be enough data for the way most people use their phone, but what is the best SIM plan to go for? Right now, Smarty Mobile is taking the top spot.

That's because of a recent drop in price on its 50GB plan, coming down to just £12 a month. Not only is that the cheapest price around for that much data, but Smarty also operates on 1-month rolling contracts so you can leave at any time.


SIM only plan from Smarty | 1 month rolling | 50GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £15 £12 a month | 20% off
This is a fantastic price, securing you an impressive 50GB of data for just £12 a month. That's a 20% saving on Smarty's already market-leading original pricing. And to make it even better, Smarty operates on 1-month rolling contracts so you can leave at any time if you find a deal that better suits you.

Why go for Smarty Mobile? 

It's a brand you may have never heard of, and yet it's a name giving the big retailers some serious competition - let us tell you why.

With an excellent mix of cheap SIM only deals and big data bargains, Smarty covers most of the market's needs. And, with its 1-month rolling contracts, you can stay for as long as you like, making this the perfect stop-over option.

One final benefit? Smarty allows you to tether your devices to your phone meaning you can use up that 50GB of data across any laptop, tablet or even console you picked up recently

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