iOS 12 beta suggests we're getting an almost bezel-less iPad Pro

We're expecting to see a new refresh of the iPad Pro line later this year, and some hidden iOS 12 beta code suggests it'll be a major change with a bezel-less design for the first time on an iPad.

A new asset found in the iOS 12 developer beta 5 shows an icon that's referred to as an "iPad", but shows a device with much thinner bezels than the current range. For the icon, at least, there's no Touch ID home button at the bottom, no selfie camera at the top and there isn't a notch either.

A previous rumor suggests Face ID may soon work in landscape mode in iOS 12, which would help for when you're using an iPad on its side. It may be the company is preparing its iPad to go a similar route to the iPhone X where it dropped the fingerprint scanner in favor of facial recognition tech.

Less room to hold

Credit: 9to5Mac

Credit: 9to5Mac

As there isn't a notch, we don't know how the Face ID tech will be included. It may be the icon in the beta code just doesn't show a notch yet, or Apple may have found a way to make the tech small enough for the bezels around the upcoming iPad.

The icon itself is a symbol that will be used for the battery usage UI, and the bezels are remarkably thinner than the icon used for the current iPad Pro range. Last year the Apple HomePod was leaked through some beta code for an OS update, so it may be this will happen again for the upcoming iPads.

Apple is expected to be hosting an event at some point in September to unveil the iPhone 9, iPhone 11, Apple Watch 4 and more, so it may be then we hear about the new iPad Pro line.

Via: 9To5Mac

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