Virgin Media's 100Mbps broadband arriving this week?

Rachel Stevens launched the first 50Mb/s service
Rachel Stevens launched the first 50Mb/s service

Virgin Media's 100Mbps internet service is expected to arrive this week with Prime Minister David Cameron teasing the arrival of the next generation super-fast service from the cable giant.

Cameron's speech on a 'new economic dynamism' to the CBI included a nugget of information, that was presumably cleared by Virgin Media, talking about a new service.

With Virgin Media continuing to hint that its 100Mbps service is arriving this year, the writing is very much on the wall for a launch this week.

New service

"…we'll work with utility companies to get more investment in our energy, with construction companies on our roads, with the telecommunications industry on broadband," said Cameron.

"This collaboration is already working. Virgin Media is rolling out a new superfast broadband service this week."

Virgin Media is not ready to confirm the news just yet, with a spokesman keeping the 'coming soon' line for now.

"Virgin Media currently provides the fastest broadband service in the UK, with our 50Mbps service, and we're excited that we will soon be revealing the details of our new ultrafast 100Mbps service," he said.

The arrival of 100Mbps is a significant landmark in the UK, which is struggling to keep up with some other nations in terms of its communications infrastructure.

With BT now investing in more fibre optic network, and Virgin Media reaping the benefit of its cable purchases in the past superfast broadband is, at least, becoming a common term in the UK.

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