Retailers predict 'Cyber Monday' online sales boom

Retailers predict 'Cyber Monday' online sales boom
Credit cards at the ready...

Many retailers are predicting today, Monday 28 November aka Mega Monday, to be the biggest online shopping day of the year.

Although some reports claimed that last Monday (21 November) was the big shopping day and duly dubbed it Mega Monday, ILoveCashback disagrees.

"Apart from reports that Mega Monday has been," argues Brad Blake, MD of the cashback site. "We still have Cyber Monday to go yet which does actually coincide with people's pay day."

Just another Manic Monday

Cyber Monday, Mega Monday – what does it matter? If you're hoping to buy your Christmas gifts online, and you missed Black Friday, now's the time.

And if you're after a tech bargain you'd be wise to check out Best Buy UK's closing down sale, which begins today.

With the US retailer closing its doors in the UK on 15 January 2012, it's currently offering discounts on most technological goods online, with DVDs, Blu-rays and CDs coming in at 50 per cent off, and TVs, computing goods and games consoles at 10 per cent off.

That might help the cash-strapped buyers that USwitch recently surveyed, claiming that parents are set to spend less on gadget gifts this year than last – apparently 2010's gadget budget was £108, but this year's is £99.

So, Kindles and budget Android phones all round then, eh?

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