Pay as you go Sky Sports comes to Now TV

Pay as you go Sky Sports comes to Now TV
Sports and tablets, together at last

Sky Sports has landed on Sky's internet-based Now TV, meaning you can watch premium sporting fixtures without having to pay a monthly fee or install a satellite dish on the side of your house.

It'll set you back £9.99 for 24 hours of access to all six Sky Sports channels, so you can pick and choose what sporting dates you're particularly interested in.

Because it's a web-TV service, you can watch your PAYG sport on Xbox 360, desktop computers, iOS devices and a selection of Android handsets.

Quids pro quo

There are surprisingly few caveats - you don't need to sign up to the £15 a month Now TV Sky Movies pass, you just pay the £9.99 for a day's access as and when you want to - although we'll admit that £9.99 is a bit steep unless you get some pals over and make a day of it. Especially when you consider that a month's worth of Sky Sports on Sky TV will cost you £21.

But if you're sporting mad (but not mad enough to already have a Sky Sports subscription), the news will be welcome - Sky has live Premier League and Champions League matches, all 19 Grands Prix, all 10 Ashes Test matches, three of golf's four major tournaments and exclusive coverage of ATP Tennis.

For the full low-down on Now TV head on over to our comprehensive guide to the on-demand service and see how it measures up to its sports-free rivals Lovefilm and Netflix.

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