BT to trial 1Gbps broadband in 2011

BT - fibre is the future
BT - fibre is the future

BT has announced that it will trial 1Gbps broadband in Kesgrave, Suffolk – as well as rolling superfast broadband to 40 'rural market towns'.

Although it has lagged behind Virgin Media in its fibre optic offering, BT is pumping money into its Infinity offering and will now look to trial broadband speeds that have previously been available only in countries like Korea.

The trial will take place in Suffolk commencing in 2011, but don't expect to have 1Gbps broadband to your home for a considerable time, with BT still desperately trying to enhance the coverage of its fledgling fibre infrastructure.

40 towns

The promise of rolling superfast speeds to 40 rural towns is also a major positive, although details will not be announced until the next year.

"BT will…be including up to 40 rural market towns in the next phase of exchanges for fibre broadband, said BT.

"These areas will be able to enjoy the benefits of the technology from late 2011/early 2012. BT plans to announce the next list of exchanges in January 2011."

Push the limits

Olivia Garfield, BT's director of strategy, said: "We intend to continually push the limits of our super-fast broadband programme in terms of the technology and the geography.

"While everyday consumers don't require Gigabit speeds today, it's important that we test the maximum speed capabilities of our fibre broadband product to ensure that it is fully future proofed.

"Furthermore, by evolving our deployment model for fibre we have been able to push the geographical boundaries of super-fast broadband.

"It allows us to build a commercial case for rolling out fibre to selected towns in rural areas to satisfy the growing appetite for faster broadband speeds.

"Both of these developments will further advance BT's super-fast broadband vision and will assist the Government in achieving its aim of creating the best super-fast broadband network in Europe."

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