UK to stay on a Google Fiber-free diet as expansion talks hit the skids

Google 'held talks' over Fiber internet roll out in UK, but don't expect it soon
Google reportedly showed interest in a UK fibre roll out

Google has held recent talks over bringing its own-branded gigabit broadband service Google Fiber to the UK, reports have claimed.

According to the Telegraph, the web giant explored bringing its fibre-optic network, currently rolling out to some US cities, to Britain and offer download speeds of up to 10 times faster than BT's top packages.

The report said Google had spoken with broadband deals firm CityFibre, but the British company backed out over concerns its partner BSkyB may see Google as competition.

CityFibre is currently teaming up with Sky and TalkTalk to bring gigabit (1,000Mbps) speeds to 20,000 homes in York as part of a trial.


Google sources confirmed to the Telegraph talks had taken place, but it appears there's no sign of the company bringing Google Fiber to the UK for the foreseeable future.

Any roll out would represent the first time Google had offered the service outside the US, where it is currently available in three locations; Provo in Utah, Kansas City and the surrounding areas in Missouri and Austin, Texas - home of the South by Southwest festival.

Google plans to expand its Fiber operations in 34 locations in the near future.

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