Internode ups data for its Easy ADSL+ plans

Internode wants MOAR DATA!

While you may be begrudgingly getting used to telcos lowering data, but asking for more money, Internode has decided to reward its new and existing ADSL+ customers again.

The company had already upped data for its smaller plans earlier this year, and now for its Easy Broadband, Easy Naked and Easy Bundle 300 plans, Internode has upped the data allowance by 100GB, from 300GB to 400GB per month for no extra cost to the customer.

Those on Internode's Easy Broadband 600 and Easy Naked 600 will get double the monthly data allowance, pushing the data allowance up to a very generous 1200GB.

For new customers, the new Easy Broadband 1200 plan won't cost extra, but the Easy Naked 1200 plan will cost $10 less.

Generous data

For existing customers, all data boosts started from yesterday, while price drops will happen automatically from the next bill.

As a perk for those already on Easy Broadband 1200 and Easy Naked 1200 plan, customers will also receive monthly price drops of $30 and $40 per month respectively from the next bill.

Data Blocks, Internode's top-up data packs for ADSL+ and fibre customers, has also seen boosts in allowance, doubling for its $10, $15, $30, $50 and $80 Data Blocks, meaning they now range from 10GB up to 200GB.

It's encouraging to see a provider boost data allowances and drop prices in an age where heavy-data use is becoming the norm for work, education and entertainment purposes.

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