AOL does deal to show ITN clips

ITN - clips for AOL
ITN - clips for AOL

AOL UK has sealed a deal to show ITN clips, bringing a wealth of news clips to the portal.

AOL is desperately trying to stay relevant in the ever-changing world of the internet, with the company looking to content as a key factor in keeping its audience.

That content now includes clips from ITN, giving a wealth of video news content and presumably supporting AOL's admirable drive to recruit more journalists to write its content.

More opportunities

"By bolstering video across the AOL UK platform we are offering advertisers even more opportunities to reach our engaged audiences as we programme the most compelling multimedia experiences across our rich, topical and trusted content," said Kate Burns, head of AOL Europe.

Mark Browning, Managing Director, ITN Productions said: "We're delighted to be providing AOL, one of the most recognised digital brands in the world, with our comprehensive multi-media content offering.

"We believe our news, entertainment and lifestyle programming is a fantastic fit across the board for the AOL platform and we look forward to working with them and entertaining their users going forward."

30 million at its peak

As one of the early ISP giants AOL – formerly known as America Online – decided on a walled garden system of accessing the internet which became increasingly derided, but was used by more than 30 million members at its peak.

The company was spun off from parent Time Warner in 2009 and still employs around 5,000 people.

Alexa currently ranks AOL as the 49th biggest site in the UK, behind the likes of Sky, Yahoo and MSN.

Patrick Goss

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